The New Year’s Resolutions We’ve Already Broken

Day six of my “new year” and I am ashamed to admit I’m still in bed. So what about all my great plans for my life in the new year?

It seems unreasonable that we should all alter our life so suddenly as we all intend to do when the pressure of the new years resolution is upon us. Why is it we see it as a realistic goal?

These are the resolutions we are likely to make and break within the first few days of January.

  1. Get Fit. This resolution is broken the moment it is decided upon.Yes we all decide to go to the gym starting on January first. It is doomed to fail. Usually when this resolution is made we are drunk on new years eve. Que the inevitable January 1st hangover and the resolution is already a thing of the past. We spend the morning in bed, heads spinning, possibly vomming into a basin. Eventually we get out of bed, possible first day at the gym  wasted and we break yet another classic resolution.
  2. Get Skinny. Ya starting from the 1st of January I’m going to starve myself, along with my daily trip to the gym I’ll be looking like Georgia Salpa in no time. Right? Wrong. I’m hunched over at the fridge at this point. Weakly reaching for anything salty, sausages rashers, black pudding. Yum Yum fat bum. So I start my new year with a greasy fry up, with eggs, sausages, rashers, beans and toast dripping with butter. I’ts so good! All good intentions out the window of course. So i say to myself, I’ll start the diet tomorrow which to me means that I should stuff my face with a disgusting amount of fat for the rest of the day.The cycle continues, as my food cravings grow so do my thighs!Confidence diminishing….as is chance of fulfilling my next resolution.
  3. Quit Drinking. We are drunk when we have this epiphany. So it is broken come midnight when we are already plastered and possibly flashing unaware of the appalled onlookers as we drag on our “last fag ever”. Which brings me to the next resolution.
  4. Quit Smoking. Great intentions but as soon as we wake up we crave it. The hangover of course does us no favours here. So we light our first cigarette while the fry cooks and consider hypnosis, or nicorette patches in our endless quest to kick the craving. All expensive remedies, I’d have to sell myself for the money, leading to the next resolution destined to fail.
  5. Get Rich. By this I mean be careful with money, save it and don’t waste it on unnecessary things like alcohol, smoking, nights out, clothes and gym membership!But on the 2nd of January I splash out on new trainers promising to tone me up in no time. I’m excited at all the prospects of my new self so I then buy some fabulous dresses and shoes to compliment the new me. I even buy some fitness dvd’s. So day 2 and i’m broke. I trawl the web for get rich plans. Oh my delusions are never ending.

So New Years Resolutions are never usually followed religously. I for one have no success with them. So why do we set ourselves up for failure? Is it healthy? I’m not even dressed yet and i feel I’m a failure.

Sometimes we need a push from others. But realistically you can not change your life over night. Start 3 simple steps to getting on track.

  1. Be realistic. Set realistic goals you can incorporate into your daily routine. Nothing drastic.
  2. Make lists. Making a list every day of tasks you need to complete, makes your goals a lot more achievable. The pleasure of ticking off each item on the list surely outweighs anything else. Having this sense of order makes for a better nights sleep.
  3. Have fun! Don’t stress yourself, make life fun. If you want to get fit why not get a group of friends together to a Zumba fitness class. You don’t feel its a chore when you’re having fun.
Happy New Year! Here’s to not making silly resolutions and enjoying life!!

One thought on “The New Year’s Resolutions We’ve Already Broken

  1. I just read the post “Make 2012 the Best Year Ever”. It’s quite true that unless we have something big, inspiring and specific to work towards, nothing much happens. I think creating a powerful context is key – context is decisive after all. So here’s to 2012, keen to see what you come up with over the next few days! 🙂

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