The burden of a name

I believe that the name we are given at birth can affect each of us to some varying degree during the  course of life. Perhaps we have a name with a stronger personality than we possess and we strive everyday to out run it. Perhaps we were given a name we must explain or spell for people, this could be tiresome by the age of even 11 no doubt.                                                                                                                     A name can be an affliction, there is no doubt about that. This should be remembered when naming a child.It’s not like  naming a doll or a dog or cat, you are naming a person, a person who will have to answer to that name for the rest of their lives.How would you like to be burdened with these celebrity names, “Moon unit”, “Camera”, “Apple”, “Justice” ,”Dweezil”, or “Diva muffin”.                  Simple day-to-day occurrences would be tainted with an air of absurdity: “Oh mum you remember Apple  don’t you?, we went to school together”. Or “Where is Justice?” “Perhaps he just went for a walk gran”. Or that a placard on a door reading “Dweezil” is the first impression any client has of you before they enter your office. Or even significant moments be rendered momentarily farcical,  “Do you Banjo Patrick take Frances Bean to be your lawfully wedded wife?”             Careful consideration should be put in naming a person. If your children are destined to spend their years backstage at a rock concert then perhaps these names are fitting. Otherwise steer clear of the weird and whimsical. Life is tough enough, without the simple act of one calling your name being a cause for humiliation.


One thought on “The burden of a name

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