Off to HIS 21st….hope there’s no drama! 

Haven’t been out in soo long! New shoes, new dress,  new hair! 

Hmm this is really becoming like a diary of mine….can’t get too personal though 😉 



Things are looking up!

Everything is falling into place for me!

Today I got excellent news! My contract is being extended in work!!!

I also got to leave work early today…always a joy!

And I finally got a response to a very important and exciting e-mail I sent a month ago! I literally checked for a reply every hour for the last month! Positive response!! 🙂 Good things to come! 

Now to use all my new found energy!

Off for a run!



Timetabling my life!

I need to get organised so i can function like a human!!

Waiting for our semester timetables to come out so I can plan my days. It’s going to be tough when I get back to Uni as I need to be so disciplined about cooking for myself. Last semester I cooked once. ONCE! How unhealthy! I actually lived off Special K. 

It’s impossible to do though with college hours so broken up throughout the day and then work at the very awkward time of 4.30-8.30.

I also need to fit major exercise into my day. This means getting up and running before I start getting ready for college. This will be hard as I am used to doing this in the evening when it’s dark so nobody sees me! I also need to do pilates and swim each day. 

I also need to go to college and the library! So it’s gonna be tough to fit everything in. 

I need a chef and personal trainer. Come on lotto any day now!

Very excited for this coming semester and this year in general. Some very exciting things are in store for me. Obviously not what I’ve just described….but it’s all part of the plan! 

Stay tuned


Happy New Year! Some things never change; MEN!

Happy New Year!

So my new year’s resolution is to blog!…again.

What’s on my mind?

What is wrong with guys?

A random chat from an american guy I met in France.. (model, hot, but such a creep) asks me what I am doing? ..and if I am alone?. When he doesn’t get his desired response  he signs off by saying if I’m bored or need entertainment to let him know. winky face.

What the actual fuck?

I am entertained enough by that message thank you very much and have forwarded it on to the masses.

Update; As the long silence has continued after his making such a suggestion, he has now inserted a sticky out tongue face. Bless. Is there an embarrassed red face emoticon too? or a persistent creep face?

Am I being harsh?

Hmm.. anyway I think I’m bored now, cough….signing off xoxo