Happy New Year! Some things never change; MEN!

Happy New Year!

So my new year’s resolution is to blog!…again.

What’s on my mind?

What is wrong with guys?

A random chat from an american guy I met in France.. (model, hot, but such a creep) asks me what I am doing? ..and if I am alone?. When he doesn’t get his desired response  he signs off by saying if I’m bored or need entertainment to let him know. winky face.

What the actual fuck?

I am entertained enough by that message thank you very much and have forwarded it on to the masses.

Update; As the long silence has continued after his making such a suggestion, he has now inserted a sticky out tongue face. Bless. Is there an embarrassed red face emoticon too? or a persistent creep face?

Am I being harsh?

Hmm.. anyway I think I’m bored now, cough….signing off xoxo





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