Brace Face

So its official…pretty soon I’ll be a brace face. I’m so so excited to have amazing teeth but I am just dreading having a mouth of metal..  So for the price of only one year of: having a lisp, covering my mouth and never smiling, excruciating tooth ache , being vile with food in my braces, awkward ortho appointments(it’s an open plan surgery), being ridiculously self-conscious and probably piling on make up and dressing up to compensate, I will come out on the other side smiling come rain or shine,smiling at every person I see  and probably smiling at myself in the mirror like a vain jane. I vow to smile all day everyday.

I am ready  to embrace the brace!



Thin is in.

I torture myself every day wishing I was skinny. It’s so sad that I and many others feel such a constant pressure from every medium possible that “thin is in”. This pressure is the reason  that sufferers of anorexia and bulimia are becoming increasingly  younger. This trend sadly will not die in the foreseeable future, although many of its victims undoubtedly will. With such a heavy influence we are forever considering ourselves mediocre. Why are we aspiring to look like women that don’t even look as perfect as we think. They are airbrushed of course and god only knows how miserable and unhealthy they are from starving themselves from food.

No matter how often I tell myself that it isn’t healthy to be so thin I still want to be that thin. Every time I see a person thinner than me I feel a sense of longing. I want people to look at me and think “wow she’s skinny she looks great”. I hate that I feel this constant need to be thin. I’m ashamed that I have bowed to the pressures.

I can only blame the media. If the beautiful women we see in Magazines and on television weren’t so thin, then it would be a different story. We wouldn’t see anything glamorous about being underweight. Marilyn Monroe in the height of her success was a UK size 16. This shocks people when I tell them. They don’t believe it. But nobody in television those days was thin so there was no comparing of her weight.

I hate that I too feel the pressures. I wish I could say otherwise, but I want to be skinny.