Brace Face

So its official…pretty soon I’ll be a brace face. I’m so so excited to have amazing teeth but I am just dreading having a mouth of metal..  So for the price of only one year of: having a lisp, covering my mouth and never smiling, excruciating tooth ache , being vile with food in my braces, awkward ortho appointments(it’s an open plan surgery), being ridiculously self-conscious and probably piling on make up and dressing up to compensate, I will come out on the other side smiling come rain or shine,smiling at every person I see  and probably smiling at myself in the mirror like a vain jane. I vow to smile all day everyday.

I am ready  to embrace the brace!



Dear Universe

I desperately need some money.

1.I need to pay my college fees for this year.

2.I’m getting braces soon and I want the invisible ones which cost twice as much.

3.I need money to visit my boyfriend in Budapest and money to visit my best friend in Paris.

4.I need money for a car.

So I need minimum 15,000 euro and my problems would be solved. I wouldn’t be stressed and worrying for the rest of the year. I could focus my energy into college and a visit or two to Budapest to keep me from going insane. A car would mean I can actually see my friends outside of college and be independent.

So please keep me in mind.

Stressed and broke.


Please note; I believe the Universe will provide you with what you need if you believe you deserve it, I am not asking bloggers for money.


The burden of a name

I believe that the name we are given at birth can affect each of us to some varying degree during the  course of life. Perhaps we have a name with a stronger personality than we possess and we strive everyday to out run it. Perhaps we were given a name we must explain or spell for people, this could be tiresome by the age of even 11 no doubt.                                                                                                                     A name can be an affliction, there is no doubt about that. This should be remembered when naming a child.It’s not like  naming a doll or a dog or cat, you are naming a person, a person who will have to answer to that name for the rest of their lives.How would you like to be burdened with these celebrity names, “Moon unit”, “Camera”, “Apple”, “Justice” ,”Dweezil”, or “Diva muffin”.                  Simple day-to-day occurrences would be tainted with an air of absurdity: “Oh mum you remember Apple  don’t you?, we went to school together”. Or “Where is Justice?” “Perhaps he just went for a walk gran”. Or that a placard on a door reading “Dweezil” is the first impression any client has of you before they enter your office. Or even significant moments be rendered momentarily farcical,  “Do you Banjo Patrick take Frances Bean to be your lawfully wedded wife?”             Careful consideration should be put in naming a person. If your children are destined to spend their years backstage at a rock concert then perhaps these names are fitting. Otherwise steer clear of the weird and whimsical. Life is tough enough, without the simple act of one calling your name being a cause for humiliation.

Boredom. A blessing or a Curse?

As a child I never dared utter the fatal words “I’m bored”, as I would be sent immediately to clean my bedroom.

Even now when I hear the words slip from my mouth, I feel a sense of guilt and shame.

So is boredom the source of all evil? As the old saying goes “the devil makes work for idle hands”.

I think that we all need moments of boredom to appreciate the hard work that we do.

It’s easy to see boredom as a blessing…when you are miles  from being  bored, tearing your hair out with stress, dreaming of a land where you could laze on the couch with nothing to do only watch tv.

Right now I’m so bored I could tear my own hair out, I’m even dreaming about my return to college and the steady stream of deadlines that await.

So its like the grass on the other side….always greener.

If you want a moment of doing nothing then why not?And if you can’t sit still then get out and enjoy yourself.

Enjoy these moments for just you, they are few and far between.